Last Week to Give

The Combined Fund Drive of 2016 is winding down to a close, and this is the last week to give. There is a lot going on with the campaign, as you will see below. Get in on the action.

Campaign News and Events

There is a lot going on this week, the last week to give during this year’s campaign.

In years past, there was often a “surprise” additional week beyond the so-called last week to give. This year the additional week will not be happening and Dec. 2 is the last day to give – for realz.

Anytime during this week, go to the Combined Fund Drive Facebook page, and enter a contest to win a $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card by telling us which nonrofit you would like to see as a future featured charity and why!

…..Or, anytime this week, fill out a Giving Matters statement and enter to win a prize, including the grand prize: a Quinault Beach Resort & Casino package!

Tuesday, Nov 29, is a call to action and a national day of giving during the holiday season called Giving Tuesday. If you are moved to join this movement by donating dollars, you can use the UW Combined Fund Drive as your vehicle for giving money – and meet both calls to action at once!

Charity Highlight: Arts, Culture, and Humanities

EARTH with ART is EH. Did you know that…..

  • $10 a month sponsors one child in an eight-week art class (Arts Corps)
  • $12 a month supports one hour of educational and informative weekend programming such as This American Life and Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me (KNKX 88.5)
  • $20 a month supports our volunteer-run organization promoting, celebrating, and creativing opportunities to showcase local, national, and international Deaf artists and their works (Deaf Spotlight)


Bonus: Street Art: 41 Incredible Examples


Across the globe, street art has never been more popular or more relevant. Although the term is often associated with urban spray paint art, it comes in all shapes and forms, from sculptures to ‘yarn bombing’, and it has inspired everything from graffiti font families to window displays and beyond.

In this article, we’ve gathered together the work of our favourite inspirational street artists, featuring some well-known faces, as well as some you may not have heard of – but will want to hear more about. Some just want to brighten up their neighbourhoods, while others have political points to make.

examples of street art -1000 shadows

examples of street art - fallen soldiers

Street art: NeSpoon

examples of street art: Julian Beever

For many more photos, plus captions and artist attributions, visit the article here.


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