A New Urgency

After last week’s election, it is a fact that some groups in our community are going to feel more vulnerable due shifting policies and rhetoric in the coming weeks and months. Consider some of the groups listed below when you wonder how you can help immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ folk, women, people of non-christian religions, and others, as we all face new political realities. The Combined Fund Drive is a tool you can use to give to:

Campaign News and Events

Step Up to Tolerance – UW Climb to $10K

The UW Combined Fund Drive (CFD) and The Whole U invite you to participate in a special event that will get you moving and help this year’s featured charity—the Holocaust Center for Humanity.

The Holocaust Center for Humanity teaches tolerance and citizenship through the lessons of the Holocaust. They do this by providing curricula and teaching trunks to educators, students, academics, authors and various organizations across our state.

The event is on Wednesday, Nov. 16 and starts at noon. All you need to do is pledge a $10 donation (or more!) and climb stairs with your colleagues on November 16. You can climb anywhere or join us for group climbs noon – 1 p.m. at six locations: UW Tower, UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, South Lake Union, UW Medical Center and Harborview. There will be prizes……(more info)

Bonus: Emotional Self-Care

7 Self-Care Rituals That Will Make You a Happier and Healthier Person

(Full article from mydomaine.com here)

With stress (both on and off the job) on the rise, the danger of not implementing simple self-care rituals is burnout, depression, or even worse, an emotional breakdown. Incorporating a few of these simple science-backed rituals into your daily life will help you breathe a little easier and keep your stress levels in check. More details at the link.
–Do Some Free-Form Journaling
–Schedule Alone Time
–Schedule Alone Time
–Try Dry Body Brushing
–Yoga, of course
–Try Grounding



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