Why Give?

Giving through the Combined Fund Drive comes with benefits that make tangible sense for the charities of your choice….and for you.

Read on for details on why it is awesome to “give at the office.” And there is an easy way to win a gift below.

Campaign News and Events

Nonprofits appreciate workplace giving programs like the UW Combined Fund Drive because they are one of the most inexpensive forms of fundraising and one of the largest sources of income. In addition, it is often easier for donors to give smaller amounts throughout the year via payroll deduction than in a lump sum check which means you may be able to give more.

Nonprofits save time and money. All employee donations are sent in a single check once per quarter, requiring far fewer nonprofit staff and volunteers to process individual donations, and lowering bank fees. Organizations also save the expense of multiple fundraising campaigns, so more dollars go to services.

Nonprofits can budget. The quarterly distribution allows charities to budget more effectively knowing they have a steady stream of income throughout the year. Regular donations allow nonprofit organizations to better plan their upcoming activities.

Nonprofits depend on workplace giving. The UW Combined Fund Drive is a significant source of income for many nonprofits. Gifts donated through the UW Combined Fund Drive help nonprofits leverage other funding sources including grants and corporate sponsorships.

Your gift through the UW Combined Fund Drive changes lives.

Your gift helps achieve stronger, healthier communities by supporting local, national, and global organizations ranging from the arts, education, food distribution, and medical research to the environment, animal welfare, disaster relief, and human services.

Giving is easy. Regular payroll deductions of your gifts are darn-near painless.

Donors find choice. Any charity you can think of is available to donate to, and if you don’t see the one you want, the CFD can add them to their list of over 5000 charities.

Donors appreciate that itʼs tax-deductible.

Charity Highlight: Animals and the Environment

  • $5 per pay period will purchase and plant a fruit tree for an urban orchard, providing a community with up to 150 pounds of fresh fruit a year for decades (Earthshare Washington)
  • $25 a month provides preventative medicine for one wolf (Wolf Haven International)
  • $500 installs a remote camera in a vital wildlife corridor near I-90 wildlife crossings, and supports a team in our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project (Conservation Northwest)

Free giveaway! Email me (grahaa@uw.edu) with the Seattle Humane Society’s vision statement, and your name will be entered into a drawing for one of two gifts. The odds are in your favor!

Bonus: Cat Videos!


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